The first Short Story is coming tomorrow!

Time for the first blog post.

As I wrote before, I plan to blog about my writing journey, the things I learn, and the like. I also will post short stories every two weeks.

The first one is coming tomorrow, July 31st.

This short story came about as a result of the Autocrit Challenge, Destination Unknown.

We were given the opening line:

“We reached the third day of our journey and, to be honest, things were not going well.”

That line was the first condition. The second condition was, it had to be a story between 1,000 and 1,500 words.

That was June 2nd. I wrote a 1,500 word Science Fiction short story that started with that line. I was happy with it. Liked it. A lot.

Then, on June 9th. came the third condition. The final line of the story had to read: “I’d rather be a bird than a fish”.

And, of course, that line wouldn’t work on my Science Fiction short story. No matter what I did.

So, I did the logical thing. I wrote a Fantasy short story that fit the conditions.

Tomorrow, look for the story on my web page.

Hope you enjoy it!

Published by tjmanrique

I'm a SciFi, horror and fantasy writer. I will publish sometime in 2021. Mean time, My web page has my book cover concepts and a few short stories and stories about my writing journey.

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