Welcome to my new Web Page!

Well, here we are. My web page is live, and it’s a privilege to be able to reach you this way.

This turned out to be a lot of work, because I’m not exactly terribly savvy in terms of technology, none the less, here we are!

This is what I’d like this page to do for us.

I want to publish short stories here, all original of mine, for now. Eventually, maybe, some other authors will join us and place some of their short stories here. The idea is for you to read and enjoy them.

I’ll be posting a new short story every two weeks, starting with the fantasy short story “The battle shifters” on August 28, 2020. The short stories will be science fiction, fantasy, some mystery and thrillers, and a couple of horror stories too (Halloween anyone?).

Those will be about one thousand to two thousand words stories to start with. That, by the way, is about two to four “pages” if they were printed on regular letter size paper.

Which brings me to the next point. Why do I talk about the number of words instead of the number of pages? Well, that’s a “writer’s thing”. Along with those stories, I plan to include some of the experiences in this journey to publication, the new and fascinating information about the writing craft, the writing business, and sharing my novellas, novels, and series with you.

There is a “Contact Us” page, so if there is interest in any character, world, or anything else, the page will be our meeting place for you to get the answers you want. “What’s the character profile of your main character?” “Of you villain?” I’ll gladly share them with you here. “What are the details of the planet where they crashed?” Those details can find their way here too.

Since this is the first post, it’s got to be short, it’s just a word or two to let you know what the plan is for the site, and, of course, a welcome to this, your contact page with T.J. Manrique.

Published by tjmanrique

I'm a SciFi, horror and fantasy writer. I will publish sometime in 2021. Mean time, My web page has my book cover concepts and a few short stories and stories about my writing journey.

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