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T.J. Manrique is a science fiction writer.

Originally from Venezuela, has lived in the United States of America for many years, at different times.

His journey to arrive at writing has been long.

He graduated as “Bachiller en Ciencias”, high school but with an emphasis on science. Then a Biochemistry Bachelors in Science from UCLA, and a Pharmacology Masters in Science from the University of the Pacific.

In those formative years, many of the classic science fiction writers were his constant companions. Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, Frank Herbert, and others. Other fiction works he enjoyed were mostly detective or adventure stories, Agatha Christie, Ian Fleming, James Clavel, and others found their way to his library. Frank Frazetta style of art was prominent at the time, and he balanced this with his predilection for fine art, the old masters, especially Rembrandt, Monet, and El Greco.

It was when he saw “Alien” that he figured he wanted to write science fiction.

Life, however, had other plans. For over a little over thirty years he worked in the medical supply manufacturing, selling, marketing, and distribution with many companies. In the early 2010’s he owned a manufacturing plant of medical products.

Political unrest drove him to the US, with his family. He now lives in Orlando Florida, with his wife and youngest daughter.

He loves writing hard science fiction but enjoys dabbling in horror, fantasy, and the mystery/thriller genre.

This website is a showcase of some of his short stories and a window into his books, his worlds, and his characters.

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