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The Rhea Initiative Project T.R.I.P.

Bill’s life is shattered.

His successful business has made him immensely rich, but nothing can help with the pain of losing his family to gang violence.

His friends try to help. They tell him to take a vacation, away from everything, and give himself time to heal.

He listens, perhaps too well.

Bill decides to go to another planet. No one has ever done that, it’s something new and exciting, a long-term project he can dedicate his life to. However, he has no idea how to make the dream come true.

But he is resourceful and determined.

He attracts a team of people, capable and ambitious. People who only needed each other to make the dream of a manned interstellar voyage a reality.

Going to another planet is a difficult proposition, he expected that. What none of them expected was to be targeted by people opposing them at every turn.

Will Bill and his people make it to the stars?

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Einstein’s Shadow Galactic Hauler

This routine trip could be their last.

When a garbled distress signal reaches the Einstein’s Shadow Galactic Hauler, the decision to respond falls to the First Officer, Margaret Griffin.

The captain will back her play, whatever she decides to do. Answer the call or pass it by. Galactic regulations say you have to stop and render aid, so they do. Galactic regulations are also explicit about salvage rights and a ship this deep in space will surely yield a lot of money.

The world they land on is cold, unforgiving, and lifeless. The derelict is not what they expected.

A castaway showing up was a surprise.

The aliens bent on their destruction and death was an even bigger surprise.

All their efforts to escape are defeated by the aliens, who get more vicious with each attack.

Will they make it? Will they be able to leave this place with their lives? Will their ship be just another wreckage on this lonely, cold, barren, unknown planet?

Join the adventure!

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Another boring day in space

Zachary Brown, one of many maintenance engineers in the Inter-Stellar Colony Ship Heritage wants excitement. They are traveling at half the speed of light on their way to a virgin planet. What should be a thrilling adventure has, in fact, been endless weeks of repeating the same routine, over and over again, with many months still to go until they reach their destination.

A crewman discovers a body in one of the airlocks. It is one Zach is responsible for, and he is sure he performed maintenance correctly and on schedule, but the fact is a man is dead.

The Captain and the Chief of the Boat accuse him of manslaughter, for starters.

He wants to prove his innocence, but he faces one problem after another. He has no friends, no one is willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Will he be convicted of something he didn’t do? Will he be punished for a tragic accident? If it wasn’t an accident, then there is a killer on the loose in the ship. And the only one that knows this for sure is Zach.

Zach wanted excitement, he didn’t expect it would come in the form of murder.

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ZOMBIES! That’s what happened

A vacation with sailing, sand, sun, and … zombies?!?

Dr. Martin Larrabee needed a vacation. It had been forever since he had one. His girlfriend politely declined to go with him, dumping him in the process. He had everything set up, the boat and the reservations were ready so, why not? Why not go?

At the very end of his vacation, getting ready to head home, he made the last stop on his itinerary before handing back the boat and heading home. He found a small town in the keys in the grip of fear, of sheer terror.

Things go bump in the night, and they are hungry!

Martin is pulled into a fight for survival, as he sees more and more people die or … turn.

A vacation in the sun turns into a terror filled fight for survival in the dark.

Come join Martin on his vacation where he wanted fun in the sun, but found zombies instead.

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Writing and Self-Publishing

a soup to nuts guide

A very quick guide that will help the novice writer:

Determine what book you want to write.

Find out what genre your book will fit in.

Determine what people want to read, and why.

Which is the best outlet for your book.

And much more!

A perfect book for people who have been reluctant to try their hand at writing and self-publishing, or that simply want to find out if it’s for them. Within these pages you will find not only why and how to write the book you want to present to the world, but the many things you have to complete to make sure your book has the best chance to succeed.

Do you have a friend who wants to be an author?

You have an incomplete draft somewhere and want to breath new life into it?

Have you wondered how people got books out to the market without using a traditional publisher?

The answers to all these questions and more are ready and waiting for you.

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