How to create BUZZ around your book launch

So, you finished your WIP. The brilliant MS you’ve invested time and effort for a long, long time. It’s now been edited, checked, and rechecked until you are convinced there’s nothing else you should take out. Take out, because there’s always something else you could put in. You’ve “killed your darlings”, you’ve shown as muchContinue reading “How to create BUZZ around your book launch”


Turns out, today’s literary market has very definite ideas as to who should be narrating the story in your book. You think you are narrating your book? Sorry, you are wrong. You are writing your book. The narrator could be one of the characters. In the parlance of the trade, the POV character. Or itContinue reading “WHO’S NARRATING THE STORY?”

Writer’s legal issues

The legal plight of authors A five-part series of NOT legal advice by somebody who is confused Part 1 ISBN Hi and welcome back to my blog. If it’s your first time here, I hope you enjoy the post and consider visiting every week. As you can read above, I’m embarking on a series ofContinue reading “Writer’s legal issues”


WORD COUNT. Like that, in all capital letters. It is a very important concept to grasp in our writing journey. There are several reasons for this. I’ll start by the least sexy of them. No, it does not have to do with the genre. It does not have to do with the cost of editingContinue reading “WORD COUNT”

Writing vs. Typing

Hello. This is one of the proverbial “do what I say, not what I do” posts. Well, almost, not really. I’m just going to comment on what happened to me. It’s not a recommendation, it’s an observation. I type when I write my novels. I use my laptop. At the end of 2020, as withContinue reading “Writing vs. Typing”

Editing Paralysis

What is editing paralysis, you ask? Let’s talk about it a little. It is a condition that happens to some writers. They finish the book. Leave it for some time, usually a couple of weeks. Then go back to it with the intention of editing, polishing it to a high gloss, to then send toContinue reading “Editing Paralysis”

In Medias Res

In medias res translates from Latin as “in the midst of things”. Today, the advice of many academics, authors, and writers is that you should begin your narrative by plunging your Main Character (MC) into a crucial situation that is part of a related chain of events. The situation may or may not be theContinue reading “In Medias Res”

Every Story Has Been Told Before

Every story has already been told. Really? How come, then, just in self-published novels there were well over one million in Amazon last year? If we include what’s been published in the traditional publishing route, we will be up in the two million-plus novels, easy. Keep in mind, that does not include the novels that,Continue reading “Every Story Has Been Told Before”

What’s the big deal with first lines?

First lines. Every book has one. They have evolved. A lot. The changing tastes of the audience and the way people look at books have made them change with time. Of course, many people (and me) blame Twitter for some of this. People are now used to short bursts of information. Limited and, by definition,Continue reading “What’s the big deal with first lines?”